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Snapshot: A day in the life of Volusia County Public Library

VCPL took part in a statewide effort to document the many ways people use library services on January 22, 2014.  Visit the Florida Library Association for state-wide results.

Library staff took pictures of activities, gathered statistics on usage and collected customer comments showing how patrons used their libraries that day. The Florida Library Association, which coordinated the effort, will post results online.

Statistics collected from all VCPL branches
for the Florida Library Association's Snapshot Day:

  • How many people visited the library?   11,541

  • How many library cards were issued or borrowers registered?  137

  • What was the total circulation for the day?  14,422

  • How many people used computers?  2,364

  • How many people were taught computer skills?  353

  • How many people did you assist with applying for government provided benefits (food stamps, social security, etc.)?  87

  • How many job seekers were helped?  40

  • How many reference questions were asked?  2,090

  • How many students were helped with homework?  147

  • How many adults & college age students (18 & up) attended a program, a literacy instruction class or a special event sponsored by the library?  215

  • How many young adults (13-17) attended a program, event or class sponsored by the library?  210

  • How many children (12 & under) attended a program sponsored by the library?  243

Additional statistics collected by VCPL:

  • Number of Wi-Fi users?  1,016

  • Number of visits to library web site?  3,983

  • Number of downloadable audiobooks and eBooks checked out?  454
  • Number of patrons downloading audiobooks and eBooks?  309

  • Number of songs downloaded? 50
  • Number of songs streamed? 264
  • Number of patrons downloading/streaming songs?  44

  • Number of movies streamed? 6
  • Number of patrons streaming movies? 6

  • Number of magazines downloaded? 52



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