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The Volusia County Public Library provides patrons with access to the Internet to enhance the library’s collections and to provide access to information available only on the Internet.

The Volusia County Public Library acknowledges that the Internet is an unregulated medium that provides access to a variety of ideas, images, information, and commentary.   Some of the information may be considered offensive, inaccurate, or controversial. Provision of this electronic information does not constitute an endorsement of the content by the Volusia County Public Library.   The Volusia County Public Library cannot guarantee that information found through the Internet is accurate, authoritative, or factual.

The Volusia County Public Library receives E-rate and/or federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) funding.   As a result, the Volusia County Public Library is required by federal law, specifically the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), to block and filter Internet access to visual depictions that are obscene, contain child pornography, or are harmful to minors.   However, filters are inconsistent and may allow access to sites that should be blocked.

The CIPA allows the Volusia County Public Library to disable the Internet filter for adults (age 18 and over) for only two reasons: to enable access for bona fide research, or to enable access for another lawful purpose.  If a library patron wants the Volusia County Public Library to disable the filter, or access a filtered website, the patron must complete the “disable filter request form” and submit it to library staff.   Staff will review the request and make a decision within 72 business hours.   Users in the children’s or teen areas of any library are not permitted access to filtered sites.

It is the policy of the Volusia County Public Library to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the appropriate use of library services and facilities for all users.   Patrons using the Internet are subject to the Library Code of Conduct posted in the library and on the library system’s website.   Failure to comply could result in law enforcement contact and a citation for “trespass after warning.”

Library users are responsible for their use of the Internet.   Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s use of the Internet.   Since no filtering system is perfect, further restriction and monitoring of a minor’s use of library Internet access is the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Parents or guardians may wish to review the resources available on, a web site that addresses rules for the safety and security of minors using the Internet to access web sites, e-mail, chat rooms, and other forms of electronic communications.

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Wireless Access

The Volusia County Public Library provides patrons free wireless access at all branches.   Full access to the Internet is not available via the wireless network.   The Volusia County Public Library does not allow patrons unfiltered access to the wireless network.   All users agree to accept this service with no guarantee and no warranty.  It is the patron’s responsibility to protect his/her information from all risks associated with the use of the library’s wireless Internet access.   It is not a private network.  Users are responsible for their configuration to access the wireless network.  The library is not responsible for the loss of any information on personal equipment, the loss of personal laptops or other computer equipment due to theft or other illegal activity.   Printing is not available via the wireless network.

All audio output must be accessed using headphones.

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