Volunteer Spotlight


Name:  Sheila

Branch:  New Smyrna Beach

Volunteer Since: 2007




Total Volunteer Hours to Date: 552

Volunteer Job: Check-in

Where is your Hometown? Wilmette, IL

How long have you lived in Florida? 17 yrs.

What is/was your profession? Retired College English Teacher and Interior Design

What do you get out of your volunteer position in the library?
I love the exposure to new authors, missed classics, non-fiction DVDs, and how-to books.

If you were in a READ poster, what book would you be holding?
A first-person account travel book.

Where is your favorite place to read?
On my back deck overlooking the Indian River.

What is your favorite way to relax?
Walking and biking on the beach.

Are you devoted to any purpose or cause?
Empowerment of women in developing countries through micro-finance opportunities.

What famous person in history would you have liked to know on a personal level?

What are your greatest weaknesses when it comes to food?
Chocolates and Cheese.

Complete this sentence: I’d like to become better at…

Did you collect anything as a child? What about as an adult?
I am a born collector – everything from clocks to seashells, old linens to travel books.

Can you think of something that puts a smile on your face?
Dolphins leaping in the wake of a boat!

Name one talent you would like to possess or develop.
Piano skills to play classical music.

If you were given a part to play in a movie, what part would that be?
Huckleberry Finn.

What is the first TV program you remember watching? Garfield Goose.

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Please complete the Library Volunteer Application [PDF] and the Supplementary Questionnaire (RTF) by hand or online. Bring it to the branch of your choice or attach it and email to one of the branches listed below.

All volunteers are subject to a background check prior to assignment.

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DeBary Public Library
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